TRACKER ANDROID SYSTEM is application for remote inspection, monitoring in real time and history review for all mobile Android devices.

App is installed on the phone that will track and review all events (GPS, Calls, Sms, Mms ...) going through our site HTTPS://MYTRACKPHONE.NET .
The username and pass you registered with the app are those that need to access our site.

The application stores records for a period of up to an year.
Presently, we have support for all telephones, tablets and other devices with operation system Android 2.1 or higher.
Our application will give you opportunity to monitor your telephone conversations, SMS messages, MMS messages, Internet browsing history and all these are related to the location of an event through GPS localization using Google Maps.
The entire information will be available to the clients using any web browser.

Important: in case you don’t use your personal computer in order to clear your actions related to the application, do not miss deleting the browser history after you visit our website.
If this is difficult for you then look here(Firefox) or here(IE).

Calls monitoring – you can view all incoming, outgoing and missed calls with date, hour, duration of calls, telephone number or name from the telephone directory, GPS localization of the event.

SMS monitoring – you can review the text of incoming and outgoing SMS messages with date, time, telephone number or name from the telephone directory with GPS localization of the event.

MMS monitoring – you can review the incoming and outgoing MMS messages and attached photos and text with date, time, telephone number or telephone directory number with GPS localization of the event.

Browser monitoring – you can review all web addresses loaded in the Internet browser of the telephones with date, time and GPS localization of the event.

For some telephone models we can have listening to conversation records. This function can be activated using the settings of your website account.

TRACKER ANDROID SYSTEM has a broad field of application as follows:

1. Family Application
Besides the trust you have in your family life, you will have one more tool to prove your devotion and loyalty to one another.
Otherwise you will promptly know whether you have a suitable partner or not.

2. Business Application
Your employees will no longer be able to avoid their professional obligations.
You will have the opportunity to optimize your costs by the monitoring of their activities at any time and analyze past periods.

3. GPS Car Navigation
GPS navigation is realized by the settings of your account in the application website by the opportunity to determine locations at time interval specified by you but not more frequently than 5 minutes.
In order to avoid complete battery discharge (due to the frequent refreshing) we should have opportunity for the telephone to be connected to a charger in the car.

4. Car Theft Protection Application
The person stealing your car will not go far away if you cared to place at a secret spot in your car installed and registered TRACKER ANDROID SYSTEM with muted sound and inactive vibration function.
In this situation you will just have to send and SMS message or dial the telephone number in order to localize the car.

5. Telephone Theft Protection Application
The person who will steal your telephone will not be able to conceal it.

6. Parent control over children and old persons suffering from dementia.
Today it is very important for you not only to know where your child is at any time but also to control who their friends are; is there something bothering in their correspondence and last but not least, the websites they visit.
By this you can avoid great problems for the people you love the most.
If you have old, ill relatives or family members you can provide them with assistance.
Using TRACKER ANDROID SYSTEM your relatives will be safe at any time.

7. Friend Application
It will be fun to surprise your friends with information about their personal life or come to rescue them if necessary.

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